Print address label on Dymo using VB.NET – Address label printing on Dymo using VB.NET

If you have the need to print the address labels then this script will get you started, this is a very simple script which will get

you started. You can visit Dymo website site and checkup the SDK for complex scenarios.



I assume that you have already attached a Dymo Label printer to your computer.

I am using Dymo LabelWriter 400


Step 1

You would need to add references to your your project

Add reference to your project



Step 2

On top of your form add the following imports.

Imports DYMO.Common
Imports DYMOPrintingSupportLib
Imports DYMO.DLS.Runtime


Step 3

Add a button on your form  and call it btnPrintLabel

Step 4

Add the following lines of code to the click event of your button

 Private Sub btnPrintLabel_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles btnPrintLabel.Click
 Dim Label As DYMO.Label.Framework.ILabel
 Label = DYMO.Label.Framework.Framework.Open("C:\Users\User\Documents\DYMO Label\Labels\Holroyd Council.label")
 Label.SetAddressText(0, "First address Line" & vbCrLf & "Second Line" & vbCrLf & "Third Line")

 Label.Print("DYMO LabelWriter 400")  ' This is the name of my printer, replace it with your printer name
 End Sub

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