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How to limit the number of RSS feed items in WordPress

This is how to change the number of RSS Feed Items in WordPress. WordPress automatically create RSS feed of your recent posts and it is located at  /feed folder.



In the Admin menu  go to  Settings > Reading.




The default might be at 14 . You can reduce or increase the number of items you want to show or expose through your RSS feed.










How to add a FAVICON in WordPress.

Favicon is the little icon which appears in the tab of your browser when you visit a website.





When people save your website URL as favourite, then this symbol will be displayed in the favourite in their browser, tablet or mobile device.

Step 1

If you do not have a FAVICON then just google  “create a favicon” and you would see lots of sites offering online creation tools.

Step 2

Go to your WordPress and click on Plugins

Click on Add New

Search for plugins Type in favicon.

I chose one called Captain Favicon.

Install it.

Activate it.


Step 3

There should be a button which suggest to upload the favicon. Upload the favicon which you created in step 1.

Upload and save.


Now you should be able to see your favicon when you browse your website.



Here is a short video showing the steps.

How to embed YouTube video in WordPress

If you wish to add a YouTube Video in your WordPress Post then just take the following steps.

Step 1

Goto YouTube and look for the suitable Video and play it

Step 2

When it is playing just copy the URL which is displayed in the browser

Step 3

Copy and Paste the URL in your WordPress Post.

Voila !

How to remove the Posted Date from the posts in WordPress

When you are using the WordPress to create new Posts it will usually add the Author Name and the Date on which the post was made.

There are various posts on the internet as to how to remove this.

The most simple method I have found through Editing the Content.PHP file and remove the following text from it.
See the pictures below for easier explanation. If you want to remove the Author name also then there will be another tag above it which will have the Author info, you can also delete that to get rid of the Author name.

Step 1

Step 2


One word of caution, if you change the Template of your WordPress site by using another Theme then you might have to repeat this step again.